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Alan Jarratt, Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Stewart is a superb driving instructor who has enabled my daughter to pass her driving test at the first attempt. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Stewart to anyone wanting to take driving lessons, he is highly professional and a really nice guy. Thank you so much.

Ben Kinghorn, Tuesday 7th November 2017

Great lessons, passed quick and first time after about 20 hours, would highly recommend to anyone wanting to pass quick and easy!

Eleanor Manley, Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Stewart is an amazing driving instructor, especially for those who are quite nervous drivers like me! He's very friendly and calm, which helps keep you at ease whilst driving and enables an enjoyable lesson. He helped me pass first time, I would recommend him to anyone!

Matthew Wilson, Friday 11th November 2016

I would highly recommend Stewart as he is great at helping nervous drivers like I was. He also makes the lessons enjoyable and very productive which is the reason I passed first time.

Thomas Sephton, Monday 8th August 2016

Stewart is a patient and all around great tutor. I passed my driving test on my first try thanks to him and would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn.

Matthew Davies, Wednesday 29th June 2016

Stewart is a very reliable and funny instructor with a lot of patience when needed!! Great guy who gives out as much you give to him and I really enjoyed my time learning with him and managed to get me to pass my test first time with no minors! Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn!

Abbie Blogg, Thursday 21st April 2016

Stewart is a great driving instructor. I always had really productive and enjoyable lessons. Stewart has a relaxed way of teaching which helps you keep calm and learn how to drive properly. I’ve recommended Stewart to my friends and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for everything Stewart!!! :)

Lewis Thornton, Friday 11th March 2016

I passed with Stewart first time and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, and in under 20 hours of driving lessons too. He’s patient and really reliable, I would definitely recommend Stewart to any of my friends or family.

Jacob Hadfield, Wednesday 17th February 2016

I passed first time with Stewart! He’s patient, thorough and a great instructor! Lessons are never boring as he’s very friendly and easy to talk to! Always prompt and charges excellent rates! I would recommend Stewart to anyone!

James Lovatt, Wednesday 19th August 2015

Top fella. Excellent teacher, passed first time within 6 months of starting lessons. Very reasonable rates and doesn’t mess around with your time.

Liz Crossland, Thursday 12th March 2015

I had been having lessons on and off with different instructors for the last 9 years and never thought I’d pass my test as I struggled with serious nerves and anxiety.

Decided to go with Stewart and now kicking myself that I didn’t find him originally.

I have just passed my test and would never have thought in a million years I would have.

Stewart has been so good with me, I am a drama queen and it takes a very patient person to talk me down when I am having one of my meltdowns.

Passed within less than a year, had such a laugh and will miss my lessons now.

If you are a nervous driver, Stewart is the one for you. Trust me, if I can pass anyone can!

Thanks for everything!

Kyle Atkinson, Friday 27th February 2015

Amazing driving instructor, so funny and good to talk to, really nice man, couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor :)))

Isaac Howell, Thursday 15th January 2015

Stewart is fantastic and very reliable. His instructions are clear and he really helps you to drive independently. He is very flexible with times and the way he teaches is easy to understand. I passed 1st time, thank you so much Stewart!

Hannah Palfreyman, Monday 1st December 2014

Passed first time with Stewart, he’s a fantastic instructor who makes you feel comfortable and confident with driving. Got a tonne of patience and made it a pleasant experience, can’t recommend him enough! Thank you Stewart!

Claire, Tuesday 25th November 2014

Stewart is friendly and reliable and patient and thanks to him I passed my test first time, thank you.

Holly Goulding, Tuesday 16th September 2014

Stewart is a great instructor, he was very patient throughout all of my lessons, and I managed to pass first time :)

Katie, Friday 12th September 2014

Stewart is A***, never in my life did I think I’d pass never mind pass first time within 6 months of learning. Stewart is patient & very very reliable, very well priced too. Great guy, will miss having my lessons. It’s been a pleasure, thanks once again Stewart. X

Ellie McSkimming, Thursday 4th September 2014

Stewart is an amazing instructor. He had me passed first time, within 4 months of starting. He is kind, patient, reliable as well as flexible. Additionally, he is great fun. Lessons were never boring, and I never dreaded them like all my friends said I would. 100% recommendation.

Roseanne Hurst, Monday 28th July 2014

Stewart is a wonderful instructor, he’s very patient and reliable. I passed first time and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Stewart.

Jordan Hudson, Friday 4th July 2014

Passed first time, Stewart’s an excellent instructor and you’ll have a right laugh! Cheers Stewart.

Gareth Bradbury, Saturday 31st May 2014

Stewart is a fantastic instructor that makes every lesson enjoyable and fun, he is very patient, understanding as well as being a down to earth bloke and I would strongly recommend him to anyone learning to drive!

Hannah Joyce, Monday 28th April 2014

Stewart is a great instructor; punctual, reliable and very patient with his students. He helped me pass first time and I would recommend him to anyone!

Owen, Thursday 24th April 2014

Stewart was very patient with my driving. Always punctual and willing to move things around to accommodate your needs. A fantastic instructor with a great sense of how to get the best out of his pupils. Thank you.

Owen Lodge, Tuesday 15th April 2014

If you want to pass first time, quickly and easily then go learn with Stewart! I passed mine first time and feel confident behind the wheel! Just want to thank him! Wooowoooo!

Adam Devonport, Friday 7th March 2014

Passed first time with no problems at all, brill instructor who helps you feel confident about driving. Good rates and loads of driving time, always felt like you got your money’s worth. A nice bloke who is very good at his job, highly recommended. Thanks a lot Stewart!

Joe Cutts, Thursday 3rd October 2013

Excellent instructor, very patient and understanding as well as a down to earth bloke. His rates are very competitive and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a driving instructor. I passed first time with Stewart, and only took me around 3 months :)

Ash Smith, Wednesday 4th September 2013

Stewart has taught both my brother and myself to drive, we both found it very enjoyable learning with him. Passed first time. Very reliable, always on time. Great guy, great instructor. Cheers Stewart!

Becky Howland, Saturday 8th June 2013

Passed my test first time with Stewart, he was always very patient and friendly making the lessons more enjoyable. I would strongly recommend Stewart to anyone as he is very easy to understand and allows you to learn at your own pace. Thank you very much Stewart!! :)

Olivia, Friday 10th May 2013

Passed my test first time with Stewart!!! He’s a patient and calm instructor. My lessons were always fun and relaxed . I would definitely recommend Stewart to anyone wanting to learn to drive!!!!! :)

Billy Holmes, Thursday 18th April 2013

Passed my test first time with the help of Stewart. Very friendly and his lessons are very relaxed making it comfortable to learn. CHEERS STEWART

Lydia, Friday 22nd February 2013

Passed my test first time due to the instruction of Stewart, an amazing tutor, patient, friendly, and easy to understand. Honestly going to miss him, only took around 6 months of weekly lessons to get me to test standard. Really pleased that Stewart was recommended to me and I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Stewart! Going to go celebrate now :)

Claire Bolton, Thursday 20th September 2012

I passed my test today first time!! :) Stewart is an excellent instructor and very patient and reliable, I would recommend to anyone learning to drive to go with Stewart! If he can teach me to drive and pass 1st time he can teach any1, thank you so much.

Jonny Barber, Saturday 15th September 2012

I passed first time with Stewart, he made my lessons enjoyable and was very patient. I really wouldn’t have passed with any one else. Thank you Stewart.

Sarah, Friday 15th June 2012

I passed my driving test first time with Stewart. He’s very patient, friendly, reliable and has a good sense of humour. I always enjoyed my lessons and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who’s wanting lessons. Thank you Stewart!

Adele, Wednesday 1st February 2012

Stewart is a very good and reliable instructor. He teaches you everything you need to know about plus. He is very understanding and patient. He gives you the confidence in driving and if you are struggling with a certain thing he will get you through this, I would recommend Stewart to anyone who is wanting driving lessons. There are only 11 months until my daughter starts learning to drive and she will definitely be learning with Stewart.

Joe Howson, Saturday 21st January 2012

Passed my test 1st time on the 14th of January after 6 months of tuition from Stewart! Excellent instructor; patient, friendly and flexible. Stewart made driving an enjoyable experience for me after being very nervous to begin with. I’d definately recommend him to all ages and abilities.

Kerrie Puddephatt, Thursday 19th January 2012

I would highly recommend Stewart to anyone learning to drive. An amazing instructor who ensured that I passed my test first time and that my lessons were always enjoyable and in a relaxed atmosphere. Stewart is always punctual, reliable and patient when it comes to his customers. Thank you for making learning to drive such an enjoyable experience!

William Brennan, Wednesday 16th November 2011

I passed my test today all thanks to Stewart. He is very friendly, very reliable and a great instructor! I would highly recommend Stewart to anyone thinking of getting lessons!

Sarah Hawley, Tuesday 20th September 2011

Brill instructor :) Passed first time.. Gunna miss him :(

Nick Smith, Thursday 28th July 2011

I passed with Stewart a few weeks ago on my second attempt. I previously lost my licence and was recommended by a few friends to phone Stewart to help me brush up on some skills. I would highly recommend Stewart to anybody because he is very friendly, offers great lessons and made it a fantastic experience for me to learn how to drive all over again.

Francesca Hancox, Wednesday 27th July 2011

Stewart is a very good driving instructor! :)

Rachel Roberts, Tuesday 12th July 2011

Stewart is a brilliant instructor who helped me to pass my test first time, his lessons are very relaxed which meant I could learn at my own pace. I would and do recommend Stewart to all my family and friends.

Andy Forbes, Tuesday 14th June 2011

Stewart is really friendly and reliable. I really enjoyed my lessons with Stewart, he was very patient and I could understand what he wanted me to do. Stewart’s rates are very competive and I would strongly recommend to anyone, I passed after roughly 20 hours of driving and I passed first time so THANK YOU very much.

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